A quick look at some of the keys of success of the biggest MOBA game!

Anyone who likes to play video games on a computer have heard about League of Legends, or LoL, at least once!

Today, we try to analyze some of the keys of success that this great multiplayer video game had been effectively using over the last years, with the help of a experienced player that has been playing the title for multiple years by now, who knows and understands the game to a wide extension.

First of all, the hardware compatibility. This is truly important and is something that most recent games have been left on the side a bit. You could run League of Legends on any standard desktop computer PC and you would be able to easily reach a performance of 30-60 fps, on low settings. Even that 10 year old laptop that you used once on college would be able to run it! How good would it be? Well, don’t expect miracles either… but at least you could reach a decent performance oscillating those FPS between 15 and 30.

Second, the in-depth complexity of the game. It’s literally impossible to be able to master the entire game! You can master a specific champion, or some champions, to a very high level of play, and even be expanding your champion pool more and more but there is no way you can master all of them! This is one of the main reasons that makes it so funny and interesting, no matter how hard you try or how talented you are, you wont ever be able to play all of them at something like… Challenger level! (Challenger is the highest competitive rank in the game)

Third, but not less important, the ranked system! The developers of League of Legends have really made big efforts over the years, to improve the security of their servers and protect them from cheaters. Would you believe that they even managed to sue at some point an organization which created some of these cheats; with great success, making them pay 10$ million!
Not only that, but they really try to keep the teams balanced in ranked games, just because if you have 3 platinum rank players and 2 gold players on your team, the system will try to match you against a similar level of skill group! Although, this is not always possible, sometimes simply because there are not enough players of those specific ranks playing in that precise moment. Ah, and of course, is not a pay to win, like many other free games out there!

As a Fourth key of success, we have a great availability of the game everywhere due to servers placed in strategic sites, in a way that they cover the main parts of the world, for anyone to be able to play the game in fair conditions! However, african people still fight for having a nearby server, but for now the developers remain silent on this, mostly because… they probably think it’s not something they can effectively monetise.

I hope you liked this review, and if you are feeling like giving the game a try, go check it out!

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