Dota 2 Guide – Snapfire

Snapfire is one of the new great heroes on Dota 2. This hero is highly versatile as it can play any role, from carry to support. Snapfire does a lot of damage throughout the entire game. Since he doesn’t need too much farm, he can have a huge impact in early and mid-game min (25-35).


He can be a support/offlaner or carry/midlaner due to his initial balance stats. According to your choice and what your team needs you will decide what role you’ll play.

If your team needs support then go with your offlaner to push the enemy’s core. Thank his abilities and if you are always in good position yourself, it would be easy to dominate the lane on the early game because any carry can stand in the lane taking all that damage.


To win the lane it is recommended to focus first in maximizing Scatterblast his first ability. It does good AoE damage since level one, also slow debuff which if your teammates are alert you may get a kill. It is crucial against melee carries because as closer the enemy is it does more damage. Then, you need your 3rd skill Lil’ Shredder. Using both skills in a combo you are going to be extremely annoying for your enemies as you will be pushing really hard. Once you reach level six and have your ultimate, its time to help other lanes. Snapfire’s ultimate it’s one of the most powerful ultimates in this parch. It does AoE magic damage, and it can be launch from a wide range, so be careful to position yourself before using it.


To start the game buy 6x tangos to have enough life regeneration to stay in line 1 balsam, 1 clarity potion and 1 enchanted mango to recover mana, and also, 1 sentry to destroy enemies ward. You have to focus on buy items to provide auras, first Arcane boots, then Vladimir, if you have enough gold in the middle game go for Guardian Graves. With these auras plus your Aoe damage, the perfect support. If the game goes after 40 min then always keep enough money to buyback.

Snapfire is been used in the top-ranked games as support, doing a lot of pressure since min 1, playing it aggressively. His weakness is his movement capacity, he is slow. So, play smart and don’t be in the front line when the fights begin, when all enemies are together, then use your ultimate and follow by the rest of your skills. If you are being focused on the early game don’t worry Snapfire has decent HP and armour to resist. In the middle game lead your team to initiate team fights, you have better chances to win before min 40. In the late game, you won’t do enough impact, so try to win as soon as possible.

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