Conqueror Diana Mid 9.24: New Lane Dominance After Rework

Since the Diana rework in patch 9.24 on Dec 3rd, Diana’s abilities and performance have been dramatically changed. Her new ultimate is now a rework of her old E, but dealing massive damage in addition to the CC. Her new E is a rework of her old R, dashing and dealing damage. As a result, Diana’s ability damage has improved in the early game, in exchange for not being able to use CC as often.

Overall, Diana’s abilities are leaning towards sustained damage rather than a burst of damage as an assassin. That’s why Conqueror Diana has emerged in play, and it has become one of the most OP Keystone Runes for Diana right now.

The effect of Electrocute on Diana is not as great as before, due to the recent Electrocute debuff. In patch 9.24, Diana can deal more damage in the early game, and small damage trading probably is not the best choice for her. The main idea and essential for Conqueror Diana is to stack passive of Conqueror, which dramatically increases her sustained damage. Diana’s passive, which is gain in attack speed for three basic attacks after casting abilities, can make her gain Conqueror passive a lot faster. Her abilities Q, W, and E can maximize her Conqueror stacks as quickly as possible with basic attacks in between. In addition to the good ability damage, triggering Conqueror granted Diana a load of AP and passive damage with quick basic attacks.

Corrupting Potion and Doran’s Ring are recommended for Diana’s level 1 purchase, so that mana shortage would not be a problem in the laning phase. Maximizing Q still perfectly works for Diana, and it provides good AOE damage and target access. While in laning, Diana players can initiate a fight with Q and follow with E. After approaching the opponent, use W to reset passive and quickly stack Conqueror to gain more damage. Then use another E to keep up with the maximum Conqueror stacks and deal more damage, even finish off the target with no need to use Flash.

Besides, Ardent Censer has become a popular build for Diana in patch 9.24. Currently, Ardent Censer provides an excellent bonus of stats and value. 60 AP, 10% CDR, 10% bonus healing and shield power, and 50% bonus mana regen are all critical stats for Diana in the middle and late game. In addition to that, it also grants a 10%-30% bonus attack speed and a 5-20 bonus magical damage on-hit. It works very well with Diana’s passive and Conqueror to increase her total damage. It is considered to be a pretty valuable and suitable build for Diana.

Other great builds for Diana would be Nashor’s Tooth and Lich Bane. In addition to bonus AP, Nashor’s Tooth gives her an adequate amount of bonus attack speed and CDR. It is excellent for Conqueror Diana because these bonuses amplify her total damage, mainly faster and bigger magical damage on-hit from her passive and Conqueror.

The Diana rework probably brings more flexibility of play and fun to Diana players. It is still very hot and popular among all mid lane champions in this patch.

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