How to Select the Right Heroes

After playing Dota 2 for a couple of weeks, I’ve realized that a lot of reasons teams fail, besides having a bunch of noobs on your team that don’t know how to play, is because so many people want to be greedy and pick a carry hero and try to save the day, when in fact, they are actually ruining your team’s chances of winning by not selecting a value role hero.

If you’re not playing Captain’s Mode, and you’re stuck in an All Pick game like most people play, then make sure you’re picking a hero that will be most beneficial for what your team needs. Sometimes it’s best to wait for your team to pick first, but if they don’t pick right away, I’ll usually wait about 10 – 20 seconds and then I’ll go ahead and pick a support hero that is in the current meta.

Right now Dazzle is a really good pick because of the buffs he got, but you can’t always pick the same hero. Sometimes it’s best to let someone else pick the first hero on your team (don’t worry about the loss of gold) and pick a good laning hero that goes well with whoever the first hero picked on your team was. For example if someone first picks a carry like Huskar (who is actually quite good since he got his Inner Fire skill) you can always get someone like Oracle as a hard support, or if you can get Necro mid, they can also synergize quite well together.

It’s key to pay attention to have three cores and two supports. Generally speaking for your cores, you want an early game carry, a hard initiator that can get behind the enemy lines and take out supports first, and a late game carry. For your supports, it’s more about the item prioritization to make sure they can keep your cores alive as well as make sure their carries can farm well in the beginning stages.

There’s another saying that’s been around since Dota began, and that’s AoE wins games. If you have a lot of area of effect spells that can lockdown the enemy into a group and target them when they’re all together instead of single target heroes, where they can only attack or damage one hero at a time (although Lifestealer has come back into the meta and he has his Rage skill for magic immunity) you will have a much better chance of winning.

Remember there’s so many variations and nuances to the game that nothing is set in stone. It’s a lot about knowing when your hero can come online (be effective), as well as paying attention to the mini-map and rotating as soon as your team needs help. Make sure you’re always paying attention to what’s happening and TP to help your teammates out when appropriate.

If you want to make sure you have a really well balanced team, sometimes it’s best to wait until the 4th or 5th pick and pick the best hero that’s needed (usually you will be stuck picking a support). I like to look for a support that can’t easily be taken out by the other team’s carries, and I always make sure to buy plenty of wards and and deward when you find appropriate. Make sure if you’re supporting the offlane, that you always block the enemies team’s pullcamp so they don’t get more gold and experience by pulling.

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Overall, the best chances you have of winning, is finding the correct role to pick and picking appropriately. If you aren’t familiar and comfortable with playing a lot of the heroes, then play non-ranked and practice there as much as you can. Check to see what your team already has when it comes to late game, mid game, and early game heroes, and adjust your pick to make your team more well balanced. In a lot of games, the games are won at the picking stage, not in the playing stage. Only when both teams have a well balanced team is when the game is won in the playing stage.

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