Watchdogs 2 Review Introduction

WatchDogs 2 while being a relatively great franchise for Ubisoft to offer, hence, the new WatchDogs: Legion, really didn’t hit me as great as something like some other popular modern open-worlds such as Grand Theft Auto, Mafia 3, and others.

Character development

You follow a young male protagonist, Marcus Holloway, trying to take down evil corporations, which can be seen as the main purpose on the first mission you embark on. You also get to follow along with the lives of his other teammates that picked him up on the first mission with their not-very convincing capturing. As they saw him “seamlessly” run through a building and delete his old records.

However, as you get to know all the characters better, you aren’t physically or emotionally convinced that this is more than just hacking and shooting type game. Watch Dogs 2 simply put, doesn’t try enough to give you an emotional appeal to care about its characters. But, it does seem like WatchDogs 2 really wants to get you more invested in each character as when you go down the storyline, MAJOR SPOILERS: A character eventually gets murdered, and on the finale, you get to play as some of the more popular characters.

End of spoilers:

Overall, in terms of character development, I’ll give it a 5/10, I hope this is something we see improved in Legion.

Story Line

For me at least, the story is extremely repetitive, to put it simply, you hack into various scenarios/buildings, enable some robot to or elevator that is somehow located where you need it to be, “hack for you” or get you to the next level, complete the mission, and try and get out of the building, all without getting caught.

Though there are some very interesting side missions where you can enter in the CCTV system, and stop a stream sniper as well as spotting other funny moments too, so that’s something to look forward to that’s new.

Regardless, I don’t feel there’s anything new as the story progresses, it can all be seen in a nutshell on the first mission already.

Surprisingly though, I did manage to pull through and complete the entire campaign, that took me about 32 hours, and I’m not proud of it.


The mechanics/drones/cars/graphics surprised me when compared to the gameplay, I just ABSOLUTELY love the graphics, it some of the best! It’s near the GTA Level style if you do crank it to the fullest.

The car mechanics, drive kind of like Crazy Taxi, more on the “cartoonish” side if that’s how I would describe it. It’s okay, but definitely not a huge addition to the gameplay.

So for this segment, I’d give it an 8/10, basically the best part of the game, which is something not many would describe it as.


For me, someone new to gaming, I found even at the easiest of difficulty options, that it is not that easy or forgiving, the “police” in the game if caught, will immediately alert the other 30 officers nearby in an instant, just like every other of its kind, which is downright ridiculous, if you kill them by shooting them, you will give away your location. If you taze them, they eventually will wake up or someone will spot them. So either way, you won’t get out of a mission without someone chasing you, which is just, not fun considering it’s not the easiest to lose the cops.

Side note, I know they are not “cops” in the game, but just to make it easier to read.

Also, I despise how it’s always just elevators, robots, and drones utilized, to enter buildings and get around them, why can’t a new element of hacking or transportation be introduced more often throughout the game?

There were countless times, where I’d just quit the game for how hard it is and little checkpoints offered.


For me, I’ve never used multiplayer, except for those missions that require it, I actually like that it’s turned off. It’s never seemed to be Ubisoft’s main priority, it’s more of a feature to play with friends. Rather than to be something used by the public to find friends and play with them.

I won’t be giving a score for this segment as I’ve not used it enough to be reviewing it.


Sure, this game is just at an okay level for me, nothing groundbreaking, I’d recommend you pick it up for the holidays if you like modern open-world genre type games, like me. For an overall score, I’d give it 6.5/10 and that’s generous, it could greatly improve on its characters, storyline and difficulty. It’s a unique take on modern open-worlds but just executed in the wrong manner.

I hope all of these complaints made by many as well, are heard in their new game, WatchDogs: Legion, that I’ve yet to pre-order.

Editors Note: This article was written on 14/12/19. Information might fluctuate.

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