My Review of Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world currently since its shooting into fame in 2017. The game is action packed with many innovative ideas that differ from the usual action games of the battle royale genre. Rather than take the often used military battle setting, Fortnite gets inventive and allows the players themselves to build up structures in the battleground while fighting off other characters or teams in the game with the aim of being the last one standing.

The setting for the game is a beautiful island with vivid colors. The island is not too big such that a player can navigate it conveniently without getting lost like in other action games. The island is divided into different cities with varying settings to bring in variety. Each city has its own different challenges and therefore the advantages and disadvantages vary according to the venue and opponents one is fighting.

In terms of inventory, Fortnite offers the player a simple management option where they have to balance everything in five slots. These slots are used for lives, weapons, and explosives, making it necessary for a player to think about what they need most in their inventory so that they can balance them. The game offers a great variety of weapons that keep the player adequately armed to go into battle. Some weapons are more exciting than others, but all are quite convenient and a player cannot be left powerless in any battle.

Fights in Fortnite are highly dynamic depending on the approach the player takes. According to this style, a fight can end in seconds or last longer. It all depends on the approach and tactics used according to the opposition. The fights in Fortnite are not just about aiming and shooting at the opponent, there needs to be a strategy that considers different options and anticipates the reaction of the opposition. Getting a rhythm of attacking and keeping safe is crucial to avoid getting killed quickly.

Fortnite’s most unique feature is the building system that is not seen in other games. During the game, one can mine for stone, wood, or steel from different structures and keep this in store for later use. The mined resources can then be used to build walls, floors, and stairs in any place on the map. This feature opens up incredible opportunities to create complex structures that can be a huge advantage when it comes to battle. Experienced players usually create massive structures that can be difficult to get around and this offers them an advantage in fighting as the structures protect them.

The innovation behind the setting of Fortnite has made it one of the top games in recent times. The setup of the game in terms of fighting is incredible and beats many of its rival games. However, the winning factor of Fortnite is the building feature that takes the game a level higher. This innovative combination of building and shooting is intriguing and captures gamers all over the world to play for hours on end. Fortnite really is one of the best games of recent times and playing it shows you just why this is so.

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