My Review – Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


In a time, where videos games making and developing companies are only creating the first-person shooter, without any storyline. Enters CD PROJEKT RED with their marvellous third person RPG creation, WITCHER 3; WILD HUNT. The game speaks for itself when it takes you on a mind-bending, reality-defying, jaw-dropping adventure with a fluent graphical system that takes one’s breath away. But don’t fall for this article’s jargon of words, one needs to experience this awesome monstrosity first hand to experience the hard work of the developers they have put in to make it happen.


the game is beautifully designed with a new system and engine created by CD PROJECT RED, as they learned from their previous iteration of the game i.e, WITCHER 2; ASSASSIN OF KINGS, but only this time they used RED ENGINE 2, The scenes of the game is so awesome, so breathtaking that it is easy for one to lose the track of time, With Graphics so immersive the one can barely distinguish between the reality and game. Not only this RPG has totally satisfying scenes, but it also has characters facial feature highly designed. Overall the game is a feast for eyes.


When it comes to gameplay, The Witcher leaves no stone unturned as it based on the novels the famous novels Andrej Sapkowski, who is truly remarkable in drawing a narrative very satisfying as well as mind-bending. The story leaves a never-ending, undying impact on the player’s mind as it courses through royal palace of VIZIMA, to harsh realities of NO MAN’S land, to reality-defying isles of skelliege ending at the witcher’s castle at KAER MO’RHEN, the story tells us about a monster hunting, emotionless, death machine knowns as witcher, who are trained for a very young age and made to pass through the final test, TRAIL OF GRASSES. Witness the journey of Witcher’s, a dying breed, making the world a safer place by killing the monster lurking around for money. The story revolves around the character development of The White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia and his friends and foes. This action-packed RPG has the best narrative up to date. That’s not all, the company made two additional DLC video game updates i.e, HEART OF STONES and BLOOD AND WINE. which are completely different from the mains quest and takes you on a totally different adventure, The game has designed a perfect example of how a fairy tale world should look with all the harsh realities of the world.

Character Development

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt not only focus on the varied graphical elements but also character development as the first installment of this games showed us the true nature of Witcher, but with time Geralt has aged and made some friends along the way. now he is a bit kind, thoughtful of his own actions, His kindness leads to develop an attachment to a daughter like-figure CIRI, Who is lost, Now Geralt must find her before The Wild Hunt, and save her from the dangers unknown. Its a must try.

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