Preseason 10: Three Top Lane Champions You Should Play

It has already been one month since the Season 9 end date. Some of you reading this were able to accomplish your goals, while some of you might fall behind for a little bit.

Maybe you are aiming to hit Diamond and above while getting stuck in your current elo. Perhaps you are struggling with loss streaks and craving to get out of elo hell.

It doesn’t matter what your past rank was. 2020 will be a fresh beginning, and every negativity will be left behind as long as you keep up with the trend of the buffed champions. Right now, it is the perfect time to practice and master a new strong champion in this preseason, so that you will be ready to thrive in Season 10.

If you main top and aim for a huge climbing in elo, I strongly recommend learning these three strongest top lane champions in this patch.

1. Nocturne

You might be wondering if Nocturne is good for top lane these days. The answer is absolutely. Since Riot added Sanguine Blade to items, Nocturne actually became an S tier champion for solo laning.

Sanguine Blade provides a considerable amount of attack damage, life steal, and lethality for Nocturne’s first item. More important, Sanguine Blade’s passive granted Nocturne 20% – 80% bonus attack speed based on level, if only one opponent is nearby. It actually works perfectly for Nocturne because basic attacks reduce his passive CDR.

Initiating a fight by quickly approach the opponent using Q and use E to apply fear to the opponent. By the time, a massive amount of attack speed will be granted by Keystone Lethal Tempo and Sanguine Blade’s passive. For that reason, Nocturne can do a deadly amount of damage, even within a few seconds.

2. Mordekasier

Mordekaiser had been an OP top lane champion, because of his incredible healing and shielding power. Since Riot buffed Conqueror in the latest patch, Conqueror Mordekasier has become the top lane ruler with the highest win rate.

Conqueror’s maximum stacks increased from 6 to 10, which drastically increase its damage at the highest level. As a melee mage without mana, Mordekasier can take full advantage of using abilities at no cost and win trading and fights.

Using his abilities and basic attacks to reach the max Conqueror stacks quickly, and Mordekasier can gain a burst of AP if he wanted. So that he can do a ton of damage and shield for himself at the same time. Conqueror buff definitely makes Mordekasier its biggest beneficial in this patch.

3. Garen

As one of the champions with low-level plays, most people find Garen boring to play in their games. But he is actually an excellent choice for elo climbing, and Garen mains have pretty good win rates even in high elo.

Garen’ E was buffed in the last patch. His E does more spins, which trigger Conqueror’s stacks a lot faster. He can do a lot of damage if the timing between using abilities and basic attacks are correct.

The essential build for Garen is still Black Cleaver. It grants him more damage and CDR as a tank. That’s why Garen is probably the most underrated strong top lane champion after the buff.

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