The Newest Cowboy in Town

I did say I was going to play more Overwatch, so here I am again!

A new hero has been introduced to Overwatch. For a game like Blizzard’s Overwatch this is a momentous occasion. These new characters are usually given their backstory through animated shorts, in game interactions and comics. Overwatch and games of the same ilk, grow with the introduction of a new character. This is due to the fact that the environment is altered to create a different playing atmosphere. Subsequently it also differentiates them from other first-person shooter games in the market.

As it was illustrated earlier Overwatch is not a narrative based game and as such it requires the developers to relate the characters to the players through animations, sound and actions instead of conversations and cut scenes. Hence this makes it a concerted effort from all involved instead of it being solely under the direction of writers and artists.

The new character Ashe is a red eyed, no nonsense cowboy heroine from the Deadlock gang. As the Deadlock gang’s leader she shares some history with McCree which was implied in the short video “Reunion”. She is a valued member of the criminal underworld. Ashe was born into a wealthy family and as such lived a charmed life. Both her parents were prominent business consultants and so didn’t have time to spend with their daughter. Instead they left Ashe in the care of their omnic butler B.O.B. Ashe is the kind of character players have been waiting for. She is not an entry level character due to the fact that she is a character focused on weapons skills rather than abilities.

She carries a lever-action rifle with speedy firing mode as her primary weapon. As her secondary weapon she has a sawed off shotgun. She can also throw a stick of dynamite with a delayed fuse. Or if needed it can be manually detonated by being shot at, however this is not as easy as it sounds. Finally her Ultimate ability is her robot butler known as B.O.B. B.O.B can knock everyone around him down and then retreat and deal out damage through his arm canon. B.O.B can be nanoboosted or healed but can’t be resurrected. Finally B.O.B can contest a payload or a point. Thereby making Ashe a tough character to go up against.

According to assistant art director Andrew Tsang there is no one single way in creating a character. Its often a mixture of gameplay design, art and story. Ashe in this case is unique because she was first crafted by the cinematics team. After creating the short that introduced McCree the cinematics team wanted to set up a backstory to the Deadlock gang. Consequently they knew that they would have to create a leader that could stand up to McCree and hence Ashe was born. However it was only after the gameplay team realised that Ashe fit into the weapons based hero they had been trying to craft that Ashe’s fate on the roster was secured.

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Overwatch is in a league of its own when it comes to the fans obsessing over the lore of the game more than the game itself. The animated short that comes out with every release of a new hero gives them plenty to ruminate over.

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