The Overwatch Experience

Overwatch is an absorbing first-person-shooter and the team-based game released in may 2016 by blizzard entertainment. It can be played on different platforms which include personal computers, PlayStation consoles, X-box amongst many others. The game consists of a number of playing modes that support competitive modes, ranked play and casual play.

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In overwatch, your objective in the three gameplay modes is to kill the opposing team. You begin by choosing your hero- this is solely dependent on what you like; the heroes you find interesting.

However, you are advised to survey the map carefully, speak with your team members and take a look at the enemies’ setup before picking your heroes. If the team you play in is on the defense, You are required to choose more of the defense heroes for example bastion and Junkrat.

As the game progresses and there is a change in the tactical condition in a match, you might see the need to change your heroes. You can select your new hero. The only downside is that your ultimate level of ability charge will be reset. There is a variety of unique characters featured in the game. you may choose from the defense, offense, tank or support in order to help make your team victorious.

Controlling the common-totting or wielding the genetically engineered ape, Winston, from the moon, might appeal to you. Also, it may be the teleporting and time-traveling freedom fighter that delights you. whichever it is, you decide!
After you have chosen your hero, then, you are ready to battle for the win.

Overwatch features multiple gameplay modes. You play in an intense 6-team competitive match to finish all the objectives and emerge victoriously.
The extent of damage that a hero can absorb before dying is represented as their health. And, as the game advances you can collect several health packs to improve and recover your health. You can find health packs in specific locations of the map. The support heroes possess special abilities to locate health packs. If a hero’s health reaches zero, they die. When a hero dies they would come back to life after a short while. While you wait for your team member to respawn you are outnumbered and are at a great disadvantage. Therefore you should struggle to keep yourself and your teammates from dying. In addition to health and health packs, the armor and shield help you to prevent a certain extent of damage from getting to your health. The armor and shield absorb the damage for some time, after which, they start getting to your health.

In Overwatch, you do matches in diverse locations around the world so you can expect to play in a wide variety of maps as heroes take-off from around the world. Each map posses its own layouts and specific conditions that your team is expected to meet for them to emerge as the winner. Capture the enemies flag, while you defend your own team’s flag. go for deathmatch in a free-for-all match or play any other exciting mode that you like.

Overall, a pretty cool game I would play during my free time.

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