Yasuo Mid Lane Survival Guide

Being a Yasuo player means that you have the chance to get mad respect from teammates for your smooth and impressive play. It sounds really cool, isn’t it? I mean, that’s what most Yasuo players expect, right? But in reality, it sometimes can be a huge tragedy when you aren’t the one who snowball in the lane. It definitely takes skills and knowledge to increase the chance of winning mid lane.

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So after all I have learned, here is the survival guide for, but not limited to, Yasuo players. I am also talking about the basic skills, mainly macro, for all mid lane champions. If you are new, this survival guide could improve your understanding of the game. With that being said, let’s get right into it.

First, improve your Yasuo playing skills. Yasuo is a high-level champion, and it takes time to practice and master proficiency. A good Yasuo player can easily find the flow of using E without awkward intervals. Moving or using a basic attack between each E can actually make your E a lot smoother. Build attack speed and crit items like Statikk Shiv as soon as possible. It reduces your Q CDR and increases Crit, which drastically improves your damage.

Laning skills is another critical component. Always be aware of the minimap and get vision wards in both side brushes. It decreases the likelihood of getting ganked and the possibility which, the jungler on the other team is babysitting top lane, and your jungler doesn’t give a damn. Choose your Keystones Rune wisely as well. If your opponent is a ranged champion, choosing Fleet Footwork is a good choice to increase mobility. Choose Conqueror to optimize damage while you are against a melee champion, like Irelia, Talon, and Zed.

Besides, make useful mid lane strategies. One of the key components in this game is earning gold. With enough gold, you can easily buy more items and become stronger. That’s why learning how to control all the resources is important. Other than farming in the mid lane all the time, roaming is critical for all mid laners.

Here is a useful strategy of making gold as a Yasuo player. If you are in the lead of your opponent, you can either slow push or fast push in the mid lane.

  • If you choose to slow push, you can create a large minion wave and have enough time to gank other lanes. You basically take no loss in CS, because it takes a lot of time before the next minion wave pushes in your tower. On the other hand, your opponent probably won’t follow you, or he will take the loss in CS. One of the main tasks for mid laners is to gank and initiate team fights. It is pretty quick for a mid laner to reach top or bottom lane, and earn gold by ganking and winning team fights.
  • If you choose to fast push, you can make gold from resources in the jungle during the time between each minion wave. It also works when you are at a disadvantage in lane, and your opponent chooses to slow push. Yasuo is actually not bad at jungling after level 3. He can kill raptors and crabs pretty fast in the early game.

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